Mt. Daisen trivia hiking

You'll be on top of the world!

Mt. Daisen climbing is becoming popular with Japanese and tourist alike, due to its unique scenery and history.  Some people come to the mountain trail just to climb to the summit.
For us who know these mountains, there is more to see than the beautiful view from the summit, such as, the local shrine and temple, which have unique architecture and history, the flowers in the area are rare and the beech trees which are 100 of years old.  
Your Guide is a local, who knows these mountains well. You can climb by yourself or with friends and family. While climbing the mountains you can listen to the various stories of Daisen from your Guide and/or listen to the sounds of the mountain.  
This trivia climbing tour is recommended for people of all ages and climbing abilities.
Make a trip to Daisen, you will discover the secret ingredients of this area which has made it so popular.

Tour season

After Golden Week in May to October.

Winter tours are available after consultation with one of our tour representatives.


 Tour Highlights

A spectacular view awaits you at the summit!

You can see to the horizon.


01Climbing can be a dangerous activity.

We will give you a lecture about the equipment required, which should be kept as light as possible.
The Guide will inform you how important it is to prepare in advance, how to tie shoelaces for climbing, how to carry a backpack, etc.

02There are many climbing trails in Daisen.

This time we will show you the summer mountain trail for beginners.

It's a long way to the top of the mountain.
Take it easy and proceed at your own pace.

03The largest beech forest in Western Japan.

Getting energy and power from the shining sun.

The mountain air is refreshing even if you are tired.

04Daisen forest has many large beech trees.

The Beech tree is vital to the forest and the surrounding area.
Daisen area has a village, which is famous for natural spring water. Ask the Guide for additional information on your tour!

05North Wall in front of you!!

At the sixth station, your view will expand.
A spectacular view of the north wall in front of you!
The north wall view will help you recover your physical strength.

A 360-degree panoramic view from the highest independent peak in the Chugoku region.

06You can also see rare plants.

At the ninth station, there are rare plants that can only be seen here.
Let's learn more from the Guide!

07If we get to the board walk (main path), we are almost there!

Depending on the weather, the road that walks over the clouds is like a staircase to the sky.

goal mat-20

08Goal! Finally, to the top of the mountain!

The panoramic view that blows away the tiredness of the past.

Don't forget to take pictures to commemorate your climb!

The coffee you drink at the top of the mountain always tastes special.

Tour overview

Tour season From the end of the Golden week in May to around October.
Winter tours are available after consultation with one of our tour representatives.
Time required Approximately 6 hours
Tour Fee

Price varies depending on the number of participants.
*Please contact us if there are more than 10.


1-10 people
25,000 yen for a group
Each additional person adds 1,000 yen.

( included in price: guiding fee, tax )


Note: Please contact us reservations by tour companies and groups.
(Daisen Tour Desk TEL 0859-48-6123)

  • In this tour, we will climb the summer mountain trail. Other trail such as Utopia are available after consultation with one of our tour representatives.
  • Lunch is not include.
  • Addtional tour of Daisen-ji Temple and/or Hot spring bathing are available for an extra fee.
NOTE Please make a reservation 14 days in advance.

Tour Cancellation

The tour maybe cancelled by the tour Guide due adverse weather, such as bad weather conditions. No fee is charged if tour is cancelled by the Guide.
If the customer cancels the program for any reason, we may charge a cancellation fee depending on the time of cancellation.

Reservations and General Inquiries