Daisen Snowshoeing

Into a world of white

Safely experience the magnificent snowy world of Daisen.
You will be impressed by the beautiful scenery and the sunlight shining through the trees!
Wearing snowshoe, you can walk at a leisurely pace in the soft powder snow and absorb the pure white scenery.

Walking with snowshoes for the first time is easy.
You don't need to have any special walking techniques.

Date and Time

January 5 to April 1,
9:00 AM or 1:30 PM


Promotional video of this Tour

This is a video of Daisen Snow Shoe Tour which you can enjoy about the beauty and history of Daisen.
Please watch this video to see how the tour participants enjoying the winter of Daisen.

Tour Plan

1. short trial plan

Duration: 2 hours
Price: ¥4,000p/p +rental fee

This is a recommended plan for those who just want to walk around Daisen in winter. Even if this is your first time to wear snow shoes, your Guide will be there to assist you. Even people who are not good at skiing and snowboarding can enjoy it!

2. long plan

Duration: 3 hours
Price: ¥5,000p/p +rental fee

This is a recommended plan for those who want to enjoy the Daisen forest. During the walk you will have break time, where you can enjoy a warm drink and relax! This tour is suitable for people who want to enjoy snowshoeing even more!

3. Custom made tour

We will decide the trail, the number of people and the time required by your request.

For example, "I want to take a picture of Daisen while snowshoeing”, or "After snowshoeing, we want to enjoy food and experience hot spring."etc. We will plan based the tour based on your request.

What does the snow shoe tour do?


You can walk leisurely while enjoying the scenery that is completely white.

You will be impressed by the beautiful scenery and the sunlight shining through the trees!
You walk at a leisurely pace in the soft powder snow and the pure white scenery.


You can try to slide on the snowy slope with your buttocks.

It's fun to dive in the fresh soft powder snow.
Let's play like children.


Let's stop and look around!

It will be fun to find the footprints of animals and think about what kind of creature it is, or to find many messages in the pure white world of snow with the Guide.


Take a break, tea time in the snow.

If you get a little tired, have a tea time break in the snow.
Hot drinks in the vast forest are invigorating.
Take a deep breath, as the forest refreshes both your mind and body!!


Walk around Daisenji Temple.

You will be impressed by the snow covered Daisenji Temple and the huge trees along the path.
It is one of the pleasures of this snow shoe tour that you can listen to the 1300 years history of the Temple.


We will safely show you the world of snow.

An important job of your local Guide is to assess conditions and select a trail with the least risk of avalanche and/or other dangers. Even if you encounter a sudden snowstorm, your local Guide, who knows these trails well, will navigate you safely home.

Tour Overview

Date and Time January 5 to April 1, 9: 00 AM or 1: 30 PM
Meeting place KOMOREBITO Gibier Restaurant and Cafe 1F
Daisen Tourism Bureau
Tour Plan
  1. short trial plan
    - Duration: approximately 2 hours.
    - Fee: ¥4,000 p/p + rental fee
  2. long plan
    - Duration: approximately 3 hours
    - Fee: ¥5,000 p/p + rental fee
  3. Custom made tour
    We will set the time and fee as per your customize request for a snow shoe tour for your group.
Target level Snowshoe beginners can also participate. [Junior high school students and younger are accompanied by their parents. Please consult us about preschool children. ]
 There is no special walking technique for snow shoes. At the beginning of the tour, we will explain tour safety and tips on “how to walk” in snow shoes. People who walk with snow shoes for the first time can walk quickly, so don't worry.
Clothes We recommend wearing quick-drying polyester underwear because it may get hot or cold as you walk. Even if you sweat, your body is comfortable. Please avoid cotton products, because if you sweat, they will not dry and may cool your body. Fleece would be good as a mid- layer snowsuit.
Snow Shoe Tour Clothes and Accessories Requirements
  • Wear: Quick-drying polyester wear, cotton products not recommended. Fleece would be good as a mid- layer snowsuit. Windproof and waterproof outerwear is desirable. Skiing and/or snowboarding wear is also good for this tour.
  • Shoes: Mountain climbing shoes or cold protection shoes (High Cut). * Rain boots (Wellingtons or gum boots) are not recommended as they do not provide protection from the cold and snowshoes will easily come off.
  • Leggings: Prevents snow from entering the shoes.
  • Waterproof Gloves
  • knit cap (Beenie)
  • Bag: Backpack is recommended.
Snow Shoe Tour Recommended Additional Accessories 
  • Sunglasses: Useful on sunny days. On the other hand, goggles are recommended when it's snowing.
  • Sunscreen: The sun reflected by snow burns a lot.
  • Copy of your medical or travel insurance card.
  • Others: disposable body warmers, pocket tissues, towels, spare clothing and socks
  • If you would like to rent items, please be sure to fill in [Size] on the application form.

Rental Items Price List

Snowshoe Set Snowshoes + poles + snow gaiters ¥2,200  (please include your height)
Ski Wear Adult ¥4,000 (Please include your size)
Child ¥2,600 (Please include your height)
Small Items Gloves  ¥500
Knit hat (beanie) ¥500
Snowboard Boots ¥1,600 (please include your foot size)


  1. Wear a fleece/down jacket or vest to make sure your body doesn’t get too cold.
  2. Prepare and bring an outer layer of clothing, such as rain clothes, which will provide protection from the elements.
  3. We recommend bringing a backpack so both hands can be used.
  4. Using snow gaiters is advisable, as they prevent snow from getting into your shoes.
  5. Have clothing that is easy to put on and take off, such as fleece.
  6. Wear a quick-drying inner garment.
  7. Trekking shoes or snowboard boots are recommended.


Reservations and General Inquiries