River Trekking with BBQ Lunch


Premium River Trekking with Locally Sourced BBQ Lunch

Experience the extreme unexplored in this epic river trekking.
The pristine, glassy water will refresh you in the summer’s heat! Work up on appetite as you scramble up the river before having a soul satisfying locally sourced meat and vegetable BBQ.
*The option for only the river trekking with no BBQ is also available.

*River trekking is a fun and satisfying activity where you splash, scramble and climb your way upstream



River Trekking Season
From July to the end of September
※Please make reservations at least 7 days prior to the desired tour date. 


Promotional Video of this Tour

Engage your body in cathartic exercise, where you are at one with the sound of the flowing water.
Ponder the origins of this serene liquid that flows life through the mountains.



River trekking image

Nature’s own water park in the middle of the forest.

Wind your way through the mysterious forest in water that is too clear to fathom.

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Nature’s Adventure Challenges

River trekking is an activity where you splash, scramble, and climb your way upstream.
You forge your way through the river current, clamber over rocks, and reach the journey’s end.

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Time to Treat Yourself!

Your destination is a deep waterfall basin for you to freely explore.
Now you have time so get wet, have fun, float around, go swimming or, even dive in from above!

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BBQ with Tottori’s Exquisite Local Fare

Tottori’s specialities, Tottori wagyu beef, DaisenDori chicken and wild boar meat tantalize the taste buds.
Delectable local organic vegetables provide nutrients your body needs to push on.
(Make sure to select the plan with a BBQ if you want to experience the flavors!)


A special BBQ focusing on Tottori foods!

Everything is home grown and locally sourced.

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bbq image
bbq image

Award winning Tottori Wagyu, (first place in the meat quality category at the National Competitive Exhibition of Wagyu), DaisenDori chicken (expertly raised and fed) and wild boar meat (the bounty of the mountains), plus fresh seasonal vegetables grown in Mt. Daisen's rich volcanic soil will satisfy anyone’s stomach!
The staff will take care of everything, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the delicious fare!


Tour Overview

Tour Season

July - end of September


River Trekking - approx. 3hrs: 9:00〜12:00 or 13:00〜16:00
River Trekking + BBQ plan: 5hrs 9:00〜14:00
*If you would like to request different times, please contact the Daisen Tourism Bureau directly.

Meeting point

Daisen Tourism Bureau
45-5, Daisen-cho, Saihaku-gun, Tottori 689-3318
*Please meet at the Daisen Tourism Bureau. Afterwards you will move to the river trekking location.

Difficulty Rating

Difficulty Rating: 3(For active people)

This tour requires you to hike, scramble over and climb rocks, and swim against the river current.
It is recommended for people who want to have an active nature experience.


Daisen Enjoyment Rating: 5 BBQ plan (optional)

The pristine streams filled with natural mountain water refresh the body and mind. Add to that a delightful BBQ with high quality local ingredients and your stomach will also be satiated.

River Trekking: ¥9,000 p/p
(inclusive of: rental fee for helmet and life jacket, non-slip socks, guide fee, insurance fee, and consumption tax)
River Trekking + BBQ:¥15,000 p/p
(inclusive of: rental fee for helmet and life jacket, non-slip socks, lunch, guide fee, insurance fee, and consumption tax)


Capture Memories Accompanied by a Photographer
Additional fee for the photographer:
River Trekking (3hrs)
¥7,500 per group
River Trekking + BBQ (5hrs) ¥12,500 per group

A photographer will accompany your group and take photos of your adventure (You will receive data of about 20-30 photos).
※ In the case of bad weather (heavy rain etc.) that makes photography difficult, this added option may be canceled after consultation with the guests.

No. of participants 2 to 6 people
※only private groups
Reservations Please make reservations at least 7 days prior to the desired tour date.
Additional Notes Children 9y.o. and under cannot participate.
Cancellation Policy In case of customer cancellations, certain fees will apply: Up to 3 days prior to the tour: 50% of the cost The day before: 80% of the cost On the day: 100% of the cost

Notice to all Participants

What to bring
  • Personal items such as cameras or cell phones may be brought at the risk of the participants. Be aware that they may be lost, damaged, or dropped in the river and the tour operator is not liable for this.
  • Please bring a towel.
Clothing The water is cold and swimsuits are not allowed.
Bring quick drying clothing and shoes that can get wet. Sandals are not allowed.


  1. Meet and greet
    Please arrive 10 mins prior to the start time.

    Please pay in cash upon arrival, unless you paid online beforehand.
  2. Safety briefing
  3. Start the fun and head upstream.
  4. Reach the goal! Enjoy the plunge basin
  5. Delicious BBQ after the river trekking! (optional)


Reservations and General Inquiries