Daisen beech forest walk


Relax and connect with the sacred nature

Trekking in the beech forest is like being submersed in a bath of nature.
Life has become stressful for most people and this program aims to revitalize our heart and soul.
Remove yourself from the concrete jungle and take a leisurely walk through the beech forest. Fill your lungs with forest fresh air and view the spectacular greenery.   
The only thing you will hear are the chirping of birds, the sounds of running of rivers, and the leaves swirling in the wind. On your walk your breath will be taken away by the superb views, temple, shrine and wildlife. It will regenerate your mind and body.
The presence within the beech forest is simply overwhelming.

Tour season

From April to November.


Promotional video of this Tour

This is a video of Daisen Beech Forest Walking Tour which you can enjoy and learn about the beauty and history of Daisen's nature.
Please watch this video to see how the tour participants enjoying the nature of Daisen in each season.

Your choice of courses

1. Nature course

Duration: 2.5 hours
Price: ¥3,000p/p*

Learn all about the nature in Daisen, not only the beech forest.

2. History course

Duration: 2.5 hours
Price: ¥3,000p/p*

Fun learning! Daisen history -1300 years and  more!

3. Full course

Duration: 3.5 hours
Price: ¥5,000p/p*

Daisen in depth. Learn the region’s connection between nature and history.

*included in price: guiding fee, insurance, donation to Daisenji Temple, tax 

Tour Highlights

Let's check the today's cource!

Local guide give you the lecture.

Walking starts from the old pass surrounded by trees!

You can discover small trivia here and there.

You can discover small trivia here and there.

Nationally designated important cultural property Arriving at ”Amida-do”

You will be impressed!

The further you go into the forest the more it embraces you.

The further you go into the forest the more it embraces you.

By touching the beech trees, which are called the guardian gods of the Daisen forest, you can absorb the beech trees energy and power. Your heart will become lighter. You will be moved by natures diversity and mystery.

After passing through the green tunnel within the Daisen forest, you will reach the historical zone of Daisen.

First, you visit Daisenji temple which has more than 1000 years of history.

Ring the bell and make a wish by stroking the “TAKARAUSHI" that is rumored to bring good luck, love, and money, which we would all like a little more in our life.

Then, you visit Ogamiyama Shrine.

A magnificent shrine built in our unique and tranquil forest. It is a very spiritual and moving place which can only been found here in the Daisen forest.

Come with us on your three (3) hours majestic nature walk.

It will rejuvenate your body, soul and mind. You will return to working life with renewed energy and power. The detoxification effect of the walk through the Daisen forest will enable you to perform at you best starting the moment you complete this walk.

Tour Overview

Tour Season From April to November.
Tour Course
  1. Nature course
    - Duration: approximately 2.5 hours.
    - Price: ¥3,000 p/p*
  2. History course
    - Duration: approximately 2.5 hours
    - Price: ¥3,000 p/p*
  3. Full course
    - Duration: approximately 3.5 hours
    - Price: ¥5,000 p/p*
    *included in price: guiding fee, insurance, donation to Daisenji Temple, tax
Meeting point

Daisen Tourism Bureau
45-5, Daisen-cho, Saihaku-gun, Tottori 689-3318

Minimum number of people 2  (Up to 10 people per guide)
Reservations Please make your reservation 7 days before the tour. If reservation required within 7days or is a last-minute booking, please call us directly.
Additional Information
  • Please bring your own drinks.
  • Suitable clothes and footwear for walking.
  • Please be at tour meeting location 10 minutes before the tour commences.
  • The place of dismissal (Meals, hot springs, breaks, etc) can be changed according to your plan.
  • You can arrange the course in consultation with the guide.

Information for Customers

Cancellation information

The Daisen forest nature experience program may be cancelled by the Guide, if cancelled by the Guide due to a dangerous situation such as adverse weather conditions, there will be no cancellation fee.
If the customer cancels the Daisen forest nature experience program for any reason, we may charge a cancellation fee depending on the time of cancellation.

Reservations and General Inquiries