Tomb of Kikou Shounin


Kikou is one of the most famous monks representing Daisenji Temple, who lived in the 12th Century. It was told that he mastered the esoteric teachings of Tendai Sect, and even the head priest of Tendai Sect, Jien sought his teachings. Thus, he was seen as the closest to the realm of Dainichi Nyorai - the central and supreme being among all the nyorai Buddhas in Daisenji’s teachings. He also transmitted the esoteric teachings to Eisai, who founded Rinzai Sect and spread Zen Buddhism and green tea in Japan. This tomb was made around 200 years after he died. Each stone represents the five elements (from the bottom: earth, water, fire, air, void) composing the universe in Buddhism. It is also associated with human body parts (head, arms, and legs) and is said to represent the penetration of esoteric Buddhist teachings into the entire body of the deceased.